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Underground Warrior

I am an underground warrior, marching for the fallen ones
Shouting to the nightsky, begging stars to rise for us!

Love - banished, beaten, dead, sinking in sick traditions
God - murdered by hypocrates wearing gold rings, sitting on gold thrones
Beauty - suffocating under thick layers of make-up
Terror - loudly celebrated by the power and Mammon

I am an underground warrior, trying to breathe the air
But all my lungs get are poisonous lies !

Wasted years of hiding from tyrans and laughing demons
whose physical talents have always been honoured more than art.
Misunderstood youth is dying willingly in the shadow
of old mouths vomiting blind false empty information.

I am an underground warrior, walking towards the light,
fighting for Joplin, Marylin and Diana.

Men dominating over the sacred feminine, like they could.
Strong, proud, celestial creatures, defenders of Holy Grail
with Amazon river in their blood and Venus in their hearts.
Sapfó crying with Virgin Mary in the heavens for mutilation.

I am an underground warrior, praying for the apocalypse
Because that seems like the only solution.
Dátum vloženia 6. 3. 2014 18:55
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